Friday, April 23, 2010

A Conservative Co-Opts Alinsky (And it's GREAT fun!)

Please visit the Patriots 28560 blog when this space has not been updated. Which is most of the time, lately, between me being ill, and Patriots events.

I will share a new activity. Not my idea, wish it was... an activist at AFP's training in DC back in October described it to me. I forgot til now. No surprise to those who know me personally! But... I have been ill. Very bad bronchitis, etc., absolutely no energy unless I push hard. Just blah. But THIS made my day --

We were at at unnamed retailer. I was browsing for inexpensive DVD movies. Came across the first culprit, a documentary epic of our Dear Leader. Huge smiling visage on the front cover: Duplicitous. Deceptive. Disgusting.

So... I gathered up all four copies, turned them 180 degrees to where the cover faced backwards, then put them in an empty slot on the very top shelf, and for good measure... put a copy of the original 1970s Hercules in front! It was fantastic. My little act of defiance!!!

THEN, I found a second video screed of the inaugural. And did the same thing again. And for good measure, I detoured through the book section -- no luck for hardcovers -- but I did put a Beadmaking issue in front of the current Good Housekeeping, graced by Mrs. Sanctimonious.

You should try it. VERY, VERY exhilirating. I feel better than I have in weeks.

But seriously, while my actions were a bit juvenile (but satisfying) we do need to use psy-ops and guerilla ops against the progressives every chance we can. We can do this by commenting on liberal blogs and websites, on their Facebook pages and other social media, and by embedding links when possible, to conservative sites.

These are their Alinsky tactics, which we have very effectively learned to use against them.

While we won't impact everyone who reads our comments, we may plant a seed of appreciation for the Constitution in a few minds. And we have to win this one citizen at a time.

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