Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obama Administration Defies Congressional Subpoena

By Craig Whitlock
Read the complete article from the Washington Post. My comments, below.
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, April 27, 2010; 3:00 PM

We were just getting on the buses in D.C., November 5th, after a long day at the Capitol House Call protest called by Michelle Bachmann, when we learned about the Fort Hood shooting. Our group went from ebullience over the huge turnout on the Capitol lawn... to shock at news of the shooting. Reports did not mention that Nidal Malick Hasan was a muslim. Or that he shouted "Allahu Akbar!" before opening fire. We were immediately suspect, given his surname, but the talking heads assured us that the White House asserted that "This was not an act of terrorism."

Yeah, right.

Then the President himself was set to address the Nation. That was announced many, many times. We thought his address had been arranged to reassure the American people. That it was specifically designed in response to the shooting. Imagine our shock (again, but this time by an American President rather than a devout muslim attacker -- although some might postulate that he would qualify as both), but a second shock as the coverage switched to Obama. Not in the Oval Office, or Press Room, or Rose Garden, but at the Tribal Nations Conference, hosted by the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Instead of somber demeanor and sympathy for the victims' families, America was again assaulted by a terrorism of insensitivity from this supposedly eloquent and empathetic President. A President who, after a horrific assault on American Servicemembers, an assault that occurred on American soil, and that was perpetrated by an American citizen upon fellow citizens, after all this outrage we watched a President give a "Shout out" to "Dr. Joe Medicine Crow -- that Congressional Medal of Honor winner."

More outrage, more stunned disbelief. First, no compassion. Second, wrong designation of the Medal -- not Congressional -- and it is not "won", it is awarded for the highest level of honor, courage and devotion to Nation, most often as a posthumous award. Third, Dr. Crow was awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

But I digress --

Our group was stunned into silence, that turned to outrage at the lack of compassion, then slowly morphed into resolve to require justice for those slain and wounded.

Now, as Congress attempts to investigate the Fort Hood terrorist attack, an investigation undertaken because the Obama Administration Justice Department has not released complete facts and has refused to label the "violence" as a act of terrorism, now the American people are further assaulted by the Obama Administration's complete lack of compliance and cooperation with a Congressional investigation.

We have many concerns, fought on many fronts, but we need to be aware, and make our Representatives aware, that we want answers. We want cooperation. And we want the Fort Hood shooting referred to as what it is, an act of terrorism, perpetrated by a devout muslim against American citizens.

But I forget, I have not voluntarily moderated my descriptors in my first sentence, therefore I must be demonized and marginalized, because... words "mean" something, they "incite actions". The President sanctimoniously preaches to us that "such incendiary language is dangerous".

As dangerous as all my fellow citizens gathered on the Capitol lawn the afternoon of November 5, 2009, peacefully protesting.

While a true act of radical Islamic terrorism had just occurred on American soil with Hasan murdering 13 innocent people, 12 of whom were American servicemembers, and injuring an additional 30.

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